Box Heroes collage

Box Heroes collage

Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Us Boxes: The Justice League of ATL

The Box Heroes were born of the Dragon(*Con) back in September 2009. Since then, we take every hot Atlanta summer to build a special little army for our anniversary. In 2010 it was the Box Avengers, ten brand new box costumes all making one startling debut. At the time that seemed like as a ambitious number as we could imagine, given how much work these things take. But then in 2011 it seemed that ten was just a start, so we pushed hard into the Marvel universe and by Dragon*Con there were 28 Marvel characters represented in the corps, 24 of whom showed up to march that Labor Day weekend.  And as if that weren't enough, Jared Cain and I built and wore Box Hellboy and Abe Sapien from Darkhorse Comics.  This year we continue the tradition with a brand new universe of heroes:  DC Comics.
Our focus this year is on the Justice League, including all seven original members plus many more (see above), as well as the villains of Gotham City. As we grow in number we also grow as artists and as a community of members and fans. For all of this I would like to thank the publishers (in this case DC Comics), and more importantly the artists who brought these characters to life: artists like George Perez, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, and of course Jack Kirby to name a few favorites.
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