Box Heroes collage

Box Heroes collage

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Marvel Madness

Here are a few photos from the Marvel Box Heroes' adventures at Dragon*Con 2011.  A very special thanks to our fluffers, Melanie and Cathy.  Mel made special cardboard belts, cuffs, and even "BH" buckles!  Photos by Cathy Wise.
Giant Man and the Thing pose by Cap's hover car
Melanie Hot Pants:  standard bearer, nurse, taper, fluffer.  My hero!

photos by Cathy Wise

The incorrigible Clint Barton decides we're done here

Elektra, sizing up the Thing

Cap's personal favorite of the day

For all the world like they leaped from the page into downtown ATL

ALONE a crowd!
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