Box Heroes collage

Box Heroes collage

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Enchantress, Human Torch, and the Absorbing Man

Not "the Absorber", not "Absorbent Man" or "Mr. Fresh Step".  No.  The Absorbing Man!
We would like to welcome these three terrific characters to the roster.  Not only does their addition contribute to better parity of our goods guy vs. bad guy ratio (now at 14:7), but all three appeared in the original "Secret Wars" series.  Wheee! 
The three (animated by Anke Larkworthy, Robert Witherspoon, and John Moredock, respectively) debuted at the Inman Park Festival parade in late April.  This event marked a new level of sophistication for us evident from the Marta Breeze Passes velcroed into the inside of our fist cubes to the fancy way the Beast stacked and carried his whole suit using his suspenders as a handle.  (Pretty impressive, my furry friend.)  This was also the first time we marched with a team of super assistants.  Moral support by Melanie Brown, logistical support by Susan Mittleman, photography by Cathy Wise, and costumed sign-bearing by Lisa Larkworthy (appearing as the Black Widow with cardboard accoutrements).  Lisa also provided an essential pair of socks out of her bra for the Enchantress, who was suffering from severe board burn on her ankles.   So yes, you can add "socklessness" to our list of weaknesses (the others being fire, water, falling, heat, and hill people).

See more of our favorites from Cathy Wise's photos.

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